🌜 Night Adventure 🌛

Pressburg, 24th July 1741 Maria Theresa, the Archduchess of Austria, wearied after difficult war with Prussia for the Austrian heritage, faces a tremendous challenge. After terrible defeats, she managed to persuade Hungarian noblemen to accept her as their queen and help her in the war against the enemy. Tomorrow, she shall be coronated as queen of Hungary in St Martin`s Cathedral, however, the Crown Jewels have disappeared. Failure to find them by dawn will have severe and unimaginable political consequences for the whole monarchy! All the brave people, noblemen and commoners, please help! Our monarch needs you now! If you...

Adrenalin: SKYWALK (ferrata) and Abseiling from UFO tower

Do you love unforgettable experiences and want a little bit more adrenaline running through your veins than until now? Try something that you will be remembering for many coming years with goosebumps all over your body… Place: UFO – SNP bridge ABSEILING: Drop down from 95 m height SKYWALK: Via ferrata with adrenalin around the UFO’s window ledge around the restaurant Are you looking forward to experience this yet? Number of tickets is LIMITED. You can buy it here: UFO adrenalin tickets