🌜 Night Adventure 🌛

Pressburg, 24th July 1741

Maria Theresa, the Archduchess of Austria, wearied after difficult war with Prussia for the Austrian heritage, faces a tremendous challenge. After terrible defeats, she managed to persuade Hungarian noblemen to accept her as their queen and help her in the war against the enemy. Tomorrow, she shall be coronated as queen of Hungary in St Martin`s Cathedral, however, the Crown Jewels have disappeared. Failure to find them by dawn will have severe and unimaginable political consequences for the whole monarchy!

All the brave people, noblemen and commoners, please help! Our monarch needs you now!
If you are sharp and sly as a fox, get yourself a torch, bag and courage and come tonight to the northern edge of ‘Rybne namestie’, right next to the St. Martin`s cathedral. This is the last place where the missing jewels were seen.

The one who finds the jewels, will enjoy a rich award as well as great favour of Maria Theresa. It is a great honour for Pressburg to host the coronation of favourite and such an enlightened monarch, so don`t let the missing jewels take this privilege from us!

📅 Reservations:Tickets
💰 Price:2 eur/ person (children under 12 free)
Max. persons in group:2 – 5
🏆 Logbook for the brave ones:Groups will be starting in intervals, every 30 minutes from 8:00 PM till 11:30 PM.
Each and every of the brave ones will sign our Book of Honour, just in case he’ll succeed to find the lost jewelry.
📝 Logbook for the others:If you plan just to come, sit by and look at those brave ones, you are also invited to this event. Logbook for you will be available at posted coordinates from 8:00 PM till 11:30 PM.
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