for geocachers

  • Megaevent in Bratislava city centre
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    This activity is a geocaching MEGA event. That means that everyone who attends, will automatically have their profile updated with a special ‘MEGA’ icon. What is more, everyone will receive a unique virtual souvenir and makes lots of new friends.

    Write us ‘Will attend log’ and see who else is attending.

  • Educational geocaching trail
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    Educational geocaching trail – Old Bratislava treasure hunt – will be the main activity of the Slovak Geoawards 2018. You can see and try how geocaching works at 10 marked stages in ‘Sad Janka Krala’:

    • Find out what the caches look like – see various types of boxes and their cover ups
    • Find out different types of cache – learn what is traditional cache, mystery etc.
    • Learn how to start with geocaching
    • Attend Geocaching events – discover how geocachers actively spend their time together
    • See Slovak Wood Geocoin – enjoy the exhibition of wooden geocaching coins
    • Learn about Geocoins and travel tags – see what items can be ‘travelling and visiting other caches’
    • Basic ciphers – learn secret language of the treasure hunt
    • Enjoy Geocaching with kids – learn how to plan daily trips with your kids in 2 mins
    • Pump up the adrenaline – you can find the caches high up in the trees as well as deep down in the ground
    • Understand the ethics of geocaching – learn the rules quickly
  • Slovak Geoawards 2018
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    Have you ever found a beautiful cache that you could not award with a favourite point? This cache could have been unique because of its installation, appearance or a peculiar way to solve it and finding it made you feel very special. GeoAwards is exactly the event for those who want to share what they like with the others and show the most beautiful caches of various regions.

    GeoAwards 2018 seal will be visible in listings of Top10 caches of the specific region.

    Bookmarks of GeoAwards nominations include the lists of the best caches worth finding in Slovakia:

  • LAB caches
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    LAB caches are the youngest and quite rate type of cache. As opposed to the other types, these are only temporary available and you can find them only during the big events. How do these special caches work?
    The organizers of mega or giga event launch couple of LAB caches and you can only find and log them during the time of the event. Similar as with the traditional cache you should find small box and logbook at the given coordinates, however, for a successful log you first need to obtain a specific code.You can try finding a LAB cache at the Slovak GeoAwards 2018. Those, who successfully find them, discover some hidden secrets of Bratislava old town as well.

for kids

  • Signal the Frog®
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    Official Geocaching mascot, green frog with the antenna – Signal the Frog – will fly from USA to visit us. It will have a special tracking number and will bring plenty of gifts for kids.

    Signal likes taking pictures with its fans and you can also follow him on Instagram #signalthefrog.

    Who is Signal The Frog?

  • Children`s activities and inflatable bouncing castle
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    Children`s activities, such as various competitions, workshops, inflatable bouncing castle and more will surely keep your kids busy while you enjoy other events from the programme.
  • Picture orienteering.
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    In ‘Sad Janka Krala’, kids can take part in the real orienteering. The orienteering will be specifically designed for kids and it will be full of historical Bratislava themed pictures.

for bikers

  • Bike trip
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    You can attend an organized bike trip on a new cycle trail close to old army bunkers in Petržalka. Sign up for the trip will start at the beginning of summer. The map, timetable and other details will be published soon.
  • Bike parking
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    Attended bike parking lot will be available during the whole event.

for adrenaline lovers

  • Sky walk and abseiling
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    Try Skywalk or 360 ferrata on a plank around the restaurant on top of the UFO tower in the height of 95 meters or abseiling from the plank down to the beach under the bridge in the velocity of 1-2 m/s.

    You can buy tickets here. This activity is paid and limited.

  • Old Bratislava town treasure hunt
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    For the teams who love adrenaline, we are preparing a night adventure ‘Old Bratislava town treasure hunt’. The game will be outdoor activity based on the popular escape rooms, but of course with the geocaching features.

for the greenery lovers

  • Green Bratislava
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    Bratislava is full of green oases. You can find their beauties and secrets when searching for various caches. You can look forward to the mysteries of these places:

    • Horský park
    • Protected trees
    • Sad Janka Kráľa
    • Devínska Kobyla
    • Železná studnička
    • Cemeteries: Kozia brána, Martinský, Ondrejský, Mikulášsky
  • CITO event
    Difficulty: Terrain:
    We will work together to make our nature cleaner and nicer. CITO event, meaning Cache In Trash Out, suggests that what belongs to the forest is caches and relax while all the trash needs to be taken out.

    Time and place of trash collection during the geocaching weekend will be published in summer 2018.